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 Concrete Wine Racking

For those with limited space but a growing wine collection, or those who wish to update an existing cellar, The Stone Cellar Company manufactures simple, elegant and stylish concrete wine racks.

Concrete is the ideal medium for wine storage; its mass helps to protect bottles from vibration and the natural 'breathing' nature of concrete helps to control humidity by absorbing moisture when humidity is high, releasing it again as humidity drops.

Our racking holds 32 bottles of Claret and 30 Burgundy bottles per bin. The removeable shelves feature ribs to stabilise bottles and to prevent them from rolling.

The design provides for a stylish and cost-effective storage solution.

The standard finish is white limestone. other options include Bath stone, grey concrete and polished surfaces. We can also supply LED lighting and magnetic whiteboard plaques to record the wine stored on each bin as optional extras.

The bins are 927mm long x 400mm deep x 250mm high. The shelves sit freely inside and can be removed as required.
Bacchus Cavovin CAVE4wine

The Stone Cellar Company is the sole manufacturer and distributor for the CAVE4wine range, which is an elegant reconstituted Bath Stone shelving system that comes in several modular variants.



NB all designs are the intellectual property of the stone cellar company.