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Hexagonal CellarStone Cellar Pricing

Our Hexagonal and Circular Cellars are available in a wide variety of configurations and finishes, with many options available to allow you to customise your cellar to your own requirements.

The price of a Large Hexagonal Wine Cellar, with a storage capacity of around 2,000 bottles, starts at £21,000 (PLUS VAT where applicable) installed.

The standard Hexagonal Cellar has a storage capacity in excess of 1,700 bottles at 2.25m depth, and a base price of £19,000 (PLUS VAT where applicable) installed, depending on configuration, and benefits from a smaller footprint than the large hexagon, making it more suited to smaller rooms. The Hexagonal Cellar is installed with an elegant stainless steel spiral staircase.

The Circular Cellar has a storage capacity of 1,300 bottles at 2.25m depth and is installed with a custom made stainless steel spiral staircase. Prices start at £15,000 (PLUS VAT where applicable), dependent on specification. Some ground conditions may require the use of a reinforced concrete concrete ring, for an additional £1,550.

The Small Hexagonal and Circular Cellars are shallower than the above and are accessed via a step ladder. They have a smaller storage capacity of between 600 and 1,500 bottles (depending on configuration, and a base price of £10,000 (PLUS VAT where applicable) installed, depending on configuration,

Our cellars feature a lot of extra items that come as standard and these will be itemised in detail on any quote provided. For example, most of our cellars come with a viewing shelf illuminated by LED lights as standard.

Additional storage under cellar steps.All of our cellars feature the white limestone finish unless we are requested to supply a different finish.

When referring to the depth of our cellars we use the internal floor to ceiling height and not the overall depth.

Our storage bins feature our unique removable shelves and anti-roll design for optimum flexibility and security. These are protected designs and not available anywhere else.

The price for our storage Bin and Shelf combination is £60.00 each + VAT. We also provide a special counter top to finish off a length of racking and special ends as required. The bins can be arranged against a wall or in the middle of a room and arranged back to back. The design is versatile and we will always try to accommodate specific requirements.

We also offer a full bespoke service for custom wine racking or a full bespoke cellar. Contact us for more details or to discuss your specific requirements.

Optional extras include additional cool LED lights, glass trap doors, motorized trap doors, lift entry, safe, variable racking and bins, magnetic whiteboards to record the contents of each bin, eco rubber mats for the floor, leather treads etc.

Please contact us to discuss the option that is right for your home and to arrange a free, no obligation site survey.

Please follow the links below for pricing for racking by Bacchus Cavovin and Winespine.



NB all designs are the intellectual property of the stone cellar company.