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Outside Cellar

The Stone Cellar in its various configurations can be installed outside your property.
To minimise disruption to the household and facilitate an efficient installation, the optimal time to install one of our cellars is during the groundworks of a new extension, conservatory or orangery. At this point there may be savings on the cost of excavation.
Inside a garage makes a hassle-free environment for installation and a good use of limited space.

The larger cellars make a fantastic addition to an orangery or summerhouse. Imagine the pleasure to be had on a lazy summer day in the garden or how you could unwind of an evening. Extend your hospitality outside with a BBQ and tastings from your cellar. Share your passion for wine and show it off in a cellar that everyone will admire.

A garden shed could provide cover for a simple cellar installation that minimises storage costs for a sizeable collection. This type of construction could achieve a total cost of under £10.00 per bottle stored. That is a one-off cost and the storage will endure.

The unique design of our cellars mean that they can also be installed into an earth embankment and have a standard door entry.
If you have a particular set of circumstances give us a call and we will see how best to accommodate your ideas and wine.

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