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The Stone Cellar CompanClick to download our brochure.y has a range of wine cellars to suit most needs and locations. In our current range we can offer:

The Circular Cellar: Our most popular wine cellar. The smaller footprint makes it more suitable for those with a smaller collection of wine or for fitting into a smaller room. Optimum depth 2250mm floor to ceiling, but other heights can be accommodated, storage capacity of up to 1,300 bottles. Entry via stainless steel spiral staircase.

The Small Cellar: Our compact wine cellar.Depths from 1500 to 2000mm floor to ceiling - circular shape, storage capacity of up to 1,000 bottles - way in excess of most domestic wine chiller cabinets, but taking up no valuable floor space.

The Standard Hexagonal Cellar: 2850mm wide x 2250mm deep (can be varied), storage capacity for up to 1700 bottles. Cellar entry via stainless steel spiral staircase.

The Large Hexagonal Cellar: 2850mm wide x 2500mm deep (can be varied), storage capacity for up to 2000 bottles. Cellar entry via an offset staircase featuring additional storage.

The Green Cellar: The green cellar is unique in the UK. Made with a patented new low carbon emitting innovation in cement-replacement products and recycled aggregates, all of our cellar types can be supplied as a low carbon product.

The Inside/Outside Cellar: Where fitting a wine cellar into an existing room is not possible, this innovative idea allows for the fitting of a cellar outdoors, under a patio or path, with the entrance indoors.

The Outside Cellar: When all else fails, a wine cellar can be fitted in your garden either under a summer-house or shed, or in a patio using a waterproof door. We can also fit a wine cellar above ground in a raised earth embankment.

Please note that due to the modular design of our wine cellars, configurations can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. Please contact us to discuss the option that is right for your home and to arrange a free, no obligation site survey.


NB all designs are the intellectual property of the stone cellar company.