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aIMG_1783The Large Hexagonal Modular Concrete Wine Cellar

The hexagonal cellar was designed with two things in mind - maximum bottle storage, giving you a lower cost per bottle stored than our competitors, and ease of access. We combined these qualities with a high-quality, no compromise design, more space and a light, airy feel inside the cellar. Due to the modular nature of construction we can, if required, design a cellar of almost any size and shape to meet your exact requirements.

Features of the Large Hexagonal Cellar:

  • 2850mm wide x 2500mm deep (can be varied)
  • Capacity for up to 2000 bottles
  • White limestone finish
  • Easy entry and access via an offset staircase
  • Entry via double trap doors set into the floor of the room
  • Zero-carbon ventilation system
  • Installed in 10-14 working days
  • Variable storage with sliding shelves
  • Suitable for storing other temperature- or humidity-sensitive items
  • Flexible configuration
  • Can be personalised and customised to suit your individual needs.


cellar layout

NB all designs are the intellectual property of the stone cellar company.