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The Stone Cellar Company manufacture a range of doors to suit any requirements, from a budget timber door, reinforced doors for use in garages, recessed doors that can be tiled to match existing floors through to our flagship motorised, remote control glass door.

We can also supply doors separately. For more details contact Martin on 01903-815262 or see our Cellar Door website.

Timber door

Timber Cellar Doors

Timber doors are ideal in untilitarian areas, for instance a garage, or where a low cost solution is required. Our timber doors come with a stainless steel frame as standard and are opened usually with a squash-court handle with gas-strut assistance, although these doors can be motorised if required. Timber doors are fitted with mortice locks for additional security.

Barwick door1059

Recessed Cellar Doors

Recessed doors are designed to be used with your own flooring, allowing the door to blend in with its surroundings. Ideally a recessed door will accept laminate flooring or tiles up to 15mm thick, but can also be made to take thicker flooring or even flagstones. Due to the weight of these doors with flooring, these doors will always be motorised. As with all our doors they feature stainless steel frames and gas strut assistance.


Rectangular Glass Cellar Doors

Our rectangular glass doors allow you to show off your wine collection and create a focal point in the room. Manufactured in stainless steel and toughened, laminated glass, and operated by electric motor with either a hard-wired switch or with FM remote control.


Circular Glass Cellar Doors

The flagship circular glass cellar door gives maximum visibility to your wine and the ultimate in ‘wow’ factor to your home. As with all our doors, the frame is manufactured in the UK in stainless steel and the glass is tougened and laminated and available either clear (as shown in the photo) or tinted. The door is operated by electric motor with either a hard-wired switch or with FM remote control.

NB all designs are the intellectual property of the stone cellar company.