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Five reasons why you need a home wine cellar.

1. Financial; a home wine cellar adds value to your home, and offers the most economical method of storing your valuable investment in ideal conditions securely in your home. Once installed a wine cellar from The Stone Cellar Company costs nothing to run, and nothing to maintain; below ground storage maintains optimum temperatures all year round, and the passive venting system ensures optimum humidity. Concrete has proven itself to be the ideal storage medium for wine, absorbing and releasing humidity as required to maintain perfect storage conditions regardless of the temperature outside.

2. Maximising and optimising the use of valuable space; The Stone Cellar Company has a range of cellars that will fit into most rooms. And if you don't have space indoors, we can install a cellar in your garage, under a summer house or even under your garden, with access from within the house. By extending downwards you can utilise 'dead' space economically. You do not usually need planning permission, and clearance for building regulations is taken care of by our engineer.

3. Convenience; Your wine is stored in conditions as good as, or better than, your vintner, but you have it available for use or inspection at any time, in the comfort of your own home.

4. Entertaining; Many of our clients have found that their cellar becomes the focal point at parties, particularly when fitted with our exclusive clear span glass door. With cool LED lighting illuminating the contents, your wine becomes a talking point that people will not forget.

5. Security; All our cellar doors are highly robust and can be fitted with additional high security locks within the tough stainless steel frames. Our motorised doors are almost impossible to open without the remote control, and our glass doors feature virtually unbreakable 30mm thick laminated glass.

Our wine cellars needn't be used just for wine – we can also fit an optional safe, gun cabinets, etc giving high security protection to all your most valuable items.

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